I’ve never been a big fan of cauliflower until recently. I thought cauliflower was like a poor cousin of broccoli because it lacked colour and flavour. However, to my delight, I discovered that cauliflower can be super yum. It’s very versatile and because of its mild flavour, plays a great companion role to many star […]


For the past month or so, the hubs and I have been on a meatless meals quest. It wasn’t because of a new year resolution or a super-duper health kick, we kinda just ‘fell’ into it. Perhaps it’s a side effect of “middle ageing”. Yikes, who knows? However we are loving and very much enjoying […]


Over-easy, sunny-side up, 62 degrees, scrambled…how do you like your eggs? As a kid in Singapore, I enjoyed sitting in a neighbourhood kopi-tiam (coffee shop) where I dipped thick slices of bread into the gooeyiest, most slurpable half-boiled eggs seasoned with soy sauce and white pepper. Most of you would most likely be going “what?” – […]

Happy new year everyone! I can’t believe that we’re already two weeks into 2015. I’m still playing catch up with my blogging and it seems I’ll never be on track…EVER. At least I now have my first post of the year and I’m pleased to share a couple of recipes which I learnt while in […]


I built a house with my bare hands! Haha…okay, that was a tad dramatic. The truth is that I had an opportunity to join my hubby’s work foundation group in Siem Reap, Cambodia two weeks ago as a volunteer in a house building project. I’ve never been to Cambodia and aside from what I’ve heard of the […]


Spring promises sunshine, flowers, longer days and strolls by the beach. It means I can leave the office at the end of the day and still enjoy a couple hours of daylight. It means I have more opportunities to make dinner and take decent photos so I can get back to blogging more regularly. This […]


The last time I posted about gnocchi, a number of you cringed, bleurghed and boo’d the fact that I had opted for store bought ones, claiming that it’s too easy to make and that it is so much better fresh. I’m sure if I had been italian, my nonna would have turned in her grave. But […]