August 1, 2009

Post combat food

After a torturous Body Combat class this morning, P and I thought we’ll reward ourselves with a good brunch. Why do we even bother working out, then stuffing our faces?? I don’t know. It’s the whole ‘balance’ mentality we have – put back the calories we burn – and all is balanced out :) I kinda like that concept, so we’ll stick with it.

We went to a cafe called Vicki’s Cafe in Clifton Gardens. A very nondescript little cafe where you find chefs busy preparing for the lunch crowd behind a small counter displaying the specials of the day. A colourful array of salads and cooked food makes your decision-making just a tad more difficult. Seeing that it was almost 12pm, we thought we’ll dive straight into the lunch menu instead. Everything was prepared on the premises, all fresh and enticing. One of the chef was busy preparing more cabbage for asian coleslaw – so we know it’s not from a packet!

I had the homemade tuna fish cake that came with four side salads of coleslaw, tomatoes with basil and mozzarella, lentils and an avocado and cucumber mix. The fish cake was tangy and soft – no sign of potatoes – just loads of fish, corn and other bits. The combination of the side salads gave much excitement to the tastebuds – sweet, salty and sour. A wonderful accompaniment to the fishcake.

P had the Grilled Lemon Chicken with Asian Coleslaw. The chicken came on the skewer that it was grilled on and it was just full of good lemony, chargrilled juices. The Asian coleslaw – I don’t really know why it’s asian…it was like any other coleslaw, but it had black sesame seeds and strips of mangetout in it, so maybe that will qualify as being asian – was mild and refreshing, with just the right amount of mayo and lemon juice in it. I could probably just sit and eat a whole vat of that stuff!

Homemade fish cake with a rainbow of side salad

Homemade fish cake with a rainbow of side salad

Grilled Lemon Chicken: truly a work of art

Grilled Lemon Chicken: truly a work of art

So, there goes the hour spent in Body Combat class. It’s okay, we’ll live…and very happily too. Just give me more of that Asian Coleslaw!

Vicki’s Cafe
15 Clifton Gardens,
London W9 1SY


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