[Another backdated entry. Expect more of these as I have loads of travel eats to catch up with. This Belgium experience occurred in April 07.]

I love Belgium beer. When I visited Brussels and Bruge, I looked forward to tasting more of the local golden grog. Unexpectedly, the food that we ordered to go with our beers turned out to be very pleasantly decent fare!

Our favourite lunch time café in Brussels has got to be Taverne Du Passage, in St. Hubert’s Gallery. Our experience was so memorable, we went there twice in our three-day visit.

The best thing to do, if you’re not a fussy eater, is to order the plat du’ jour (dish of the day). As we only knew a sprinkling of French, we basically trusted our gut (literally) and got one of the plat du’ jour and another one where we simply pointed to someone else’s meal that looked good. Hey, it worked because we had fantastic meals on both occasions.

Our gutsy move paid off. We were rewarded with Mustard chicken stew with piped mash potatoes with a crispy shell and French beans with bacon and potatoes. The food was clean, simple yet extremely delicious. I mean, anyone could put together some beans, bacon and potatoes, but there was just something about the crunch of beans with salty bacon that seemed so special.


When we came back for round two at Taverne du Passage, we did the Plat du’ jour thing but this time, we ordered pasta carbonara. I know, having Italian food in a French/Belgium place didn’t seem so clever. However, the carbonara was delightful. It came with a raw egg yolk sitting in its shell on top, which we split and coated the pasta with. Genius! The wonderful pasta was cooked to perfection, the sauce was creamy and porky and one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had outside of Italy.

The second plat du’ jour was grilled red mullet with vegetables in a crisp wafer shell. Fresh red mullet fillets and vegetables with a fragrant herb broth cannot go wrong. It was a perfect accompaniment to the rich carbonara. I think we did very well this time.

Afternoon tea o’clock, and when in Belgium, one’s got to try their infamous waffles, paired with a nice cup of hot chocolate. I have to say though, it tasted like any other Belgium waffles you get everywhere else. Still good, but not mind-blowing stuff.


With all the beer, cream sauces and rich desserts, P decided to go for a run to burn off the calories with a bunch of his friends.

P and his friends

P and his friends

Tavern Du’ Passage
Galerie de la Reine 30
1000 Brussel, Brussel, Belgium
+32 2 512 37 32


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