Ping Pong – not the sport otherwise known as table tennis – but the dim sum restaurant chain in London. You would imagine having dim sum two days straight would be an overkill, but surprisingly, I relished both meals heartily. On Sundays, you get all-you-can-eat dim sum, called Lazy Sumdays. With the exception of some items like the Chef’s Specials and Dessert, you can order any item on the menu as many times as you like. Good deal for £19 per person. Well, it’s a good deal if you ate as much as we did.

Highlights of the meal included the two iced teas from the bar (not included in the Sumdays price). LOVED them! Apple and lime iced tea and Lychee and ginger iced tea. Both drinks had a good amount of fruity syrup topped with icy-cold jasmine tea. They were not overly sweet and had a cleansing effect on our palates which was handy for scoffing a variety of steamed and fried deliciousness.

Apple & Lime iced tea

Apple & Lime iced tea

Besides the usual ‘har gau’ (prawn dumpling) and ‘siu mai’ (pork dumpling) – both were succulent and had soft, wafer-thin skins – one of our new favourites is the Chicken and Cashew dumpling. Cashews isn’t quite the authentic ‘Chinese’ ingredient, but it gave the dumpling texture and a nutty flavour which was really good.

No dim sum meal is quite complete with steamed Char Siu buns (Honey roast pork). These Ping Pong versions were small, light and fluffy and the char siu was not of the red, chemically coloured variety. Instead it’s natural brown sauce coated slices and bits of sweet, gooey pork. Triple yum!

Yum yum Char siu buns

Yum yum Char siu buns

More char siu goodness comes encased in flaky puff pastry

More char siu goodness comes encased in flaky puff pastry

We love the fried goodies which included Crispy aubergine (aubergine wedges coated in a savoury crust of breadcrumbs and herbs), Fried prawn balls (deep fried medusa-like noodle crust covering springy, tasty prawn paste ball) and Vietnamese spring rolls (rice rolls filled with veggies and vermicelli) wrapped in lettuce leaves.

More fried goodies - crispy aubergine (left) and fried prawn balls

More fried goodies - crispy aubergine (left) and fried prawn balls

Between the two of us, we managed to eat and drink till we scored a £3 profit! Considering that was lunch and dinner all in one go…I’d say it was impressive.

Ping Pong (various locations)


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