Traditional Czech food is not what I would consider healthy. They have fantastic, flavourful beers (and it’s way cheaper than water) – so imagine a menu that would go well with their beers. That’s right, I’m talking about the artery-clogging type. Almost every Czech restaurant menu has a priority section otherwise known as ‘beer specialties’. Look at the menu below – fried, pickled, cheesy, salty stuff. Good with beer?? Yes, indeed.

Sorry about the blurry photo, but maybe I was laughing too hard at one of the items – ‘Home-made scraps in grease’ – mmm…appetising eh? No, I wasn’t brave enough to try that one.

Although, fried cheese (Smažený Sýr) is a must-try with good, ol’ Czech beer. Sink your teeth into the crunchy crust and oozey cheese. Forget about the diet. This stuff is awesome!

Fried cheese, fried cheese!

Fried cheese, fried cheese!

If you’re a vegetarian, don’t bother going to Prague. The Czechs LOVE their meat – particularly of the oinking variety. A typical Czech meal consists of pork or beef with a side of dumplings (made from wheat or potato flour, boiled and sliced) or potatoes (baked, boiled or fried). In some restaurants, you get sauerkraut or goulash – the obvious German and Hungarian influence.

You know it’s desperate measures, when fast food chains try to inject some semblance of healthy options in their menu. Here, we found Broccoli Nuggets. That’s one way of feeding your kids vegetables – well, aside from the cheese and grease that comes with it.

Vegetables anyone?

Vegetables anyone?

What with all their ‘scraps’ and strange sounding side dishes, credit must go to the Czechs for they certainly know how to cook their meat. We tried their famous pork knuckle – a ginormous whole knuckle roasted to it’s crispiest, oozing with juices (and fats – but remember, fat is flavour!) and eaten with pickled vegetables and sauerkraut. Once again, good with their perfect beers.

Scrumptious pork knuckle...even P couldn't finish it

Scrumptious pork knuckle...even P couldn't finish it

Other meaty goodness came in the form of roasted suckling pig, roast duck and beef goulash. All were packed full of flavour. As the meals were so huge, we usually didn’t have space left for dessert, but somehow we managed to fit in some Palačinky, Czech pancakes filled with jam, fruit and smothered in cream. I’m not bowled over by the desserts, I think these guys should just stick to their savoury specials.

Czech pancakes

Czech pancakes

While wandering in the local supermarket Albert, we chanced upon a really cool looking bottle of Coca-Cola. Coke Blak. The bottle was covered in a shiny, bronze design and it looked absolutely groovy. As we obviously couldn’t read Czech, we didn’t have a clue what kind of fizzy cola we were getting ourselves excited over. Would it have more caffeine? How about extra caramel flavour?

YUCKO!!! It turned out that Coke Blak wasn’t so cool after all. It was coffee flavoured coke and it was foul…well, at least for the both of us. P reckons that Coke = good, Coffee = good, but putting them together wasn’t such a great idea.


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  1. Hi, I just found your blog, went through the articels and what did I found? The article about Czech Republic! Jeeeej :)
    I am Czech and I have to admit I laught a lot while I was reading about your visit in Prague.
    It is fun read how our basic food (as pancakes) could be for somebody who doe not live here delicious :)
    Usually, this is in each restaurant in our country and it is quite boring if you would like to try some new dessert and you find only pancake.
    Hope you enjoy it here.


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