Pineapples are not in season in the UK now. However, there’s heaps of pineapples in the the stores. My closet domestic goddess in me was dying to get my fingers encrusted in dough and butter this weekend, so I thought I’d make some pineapple tarts. Now these little bite-size goodies are reminiscent of our Chinese New Year days back in Singapore. Oh one of the things I do miss about celebrating Chinese New Year back home is the scores of titbits and snacks that we have stocked up for when visitors come to visit. Bak kwa (barbequed pork jerkies – chinese style), kueh lapis (steamed layered cake), love letters (a light egg and coconut wafer) and pineapple tarts. Mmmm…

Since living away from home for more than 13 years now, I’ve resorted to making the things that I miss. Well, the easy ones obviously. I remember the first time I attempted home-made pineapple tarts with my good friend back in Melbourne. It was loads of hard work making the jam and the pastry, and then seeing our hard work disappear into greedy mouths within minutes of its oven exit. But, those were wonderful memories of fun and friendship and I’ll always cherish them.

This second attempt at making pineapple tarts is pretty similar to the first. I didn’t have the right tools and had some creative substitutes – namely a bottle of clingwrapped wine for a rolling pin, a shot glass as a pastry cutter and a plastic coke bottle cap to make the indent to hold the jam. Well, it worked the first time, so why not?

Tools of my 'trade' - wine bottle, shot glass and coke bottle cap...

Tools of my 'trade' - wine bottle, shot glass and coke bottle cap...

There are many pineapple tart recipes online. I just picked those that were the easiest and required the least ingredients. You could call it the slacker recipe. But you know, at the end of the day, you still get the goods, so I’m not really fussed and thus far, the results have been satisfying.

So here’s to Chinese New Year in the middle of August. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

My golden chinese new year nuggets

My golden chinese new year nuggets


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