August 22, 2009

Brunch at Raoul’s

Saturday is the one day I get to sleep in, get some combat action going followed by a good, leisurely brunch. Today, we wandered into yet another neighbourhood cafe, Raoul’s. It’s usually packed and very busy on weekends but for once, we managed to get a table straightaway.



P ordered his usual – french toast with bacon and generous lashings of maple syrup. The toasts had that nice thick, squashy eggy texture and according to P…it’s his favourite thus far. Paired with salty bacon and half an orange (!) it was in general, a satisfactory ‘hits the spot’ kinda meal.

French toasts with bacon and maple syrup

French toast with bacon and maple syrup

I ordered the Portobello mushrooms on toast with fried egg. I like the flavour of well seasoned mushies, crispy toast and runny egg yolk. The egg yolk on this thing looked like the chicken was fed saffron-infused grains or something! The yolk was a beautiful sunset orange and watching it ooze through the mushrooms was a delicious sight to behold. It was rich, creamy and very tasty. Thumbs up!

Portobello mushrooms on toast

Portobello mushrooms on toast

Sunshine on a plate...

Sunshine on a plate...

I do have to say that the prices at Raoul’s are just a tad high, my meal was rather small for the price (£6.75) plus I was famished after a workout! If I hadn’t been distracted by the egg yolk, I might have asked for more toast. But after chasing the food with a large smoothie…I was more than happy. Might need a snack later though.

Now, time for an afternoon nap. I love saturdays…

Raoul’s Cafe
13 Clifton Road,
, W9 1SZ


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