March 30, 2010

Feeling the Frittata


The best way to describe a frittata, to someone who hasn’t a clue what it is, will probably be a quiche without the crust. And if they ask you what a quiche is, end the conversation right there and walk away. Just kidding.

A frittata is an Italian dish, very much like an omelette. Apparently the key difference between a frittata and an omelette is that you’ll beat the eggs of the frittata more, to incorporate more air so it’d be fluffier and cooks deeper, and it goes under a grill to finish off the cooking process.

You can put basically any ingredient in the frittata. Vegetables, cheese, meat and even pasta for a heartier meal. It’s quite like a ‘clear the fridge of its contents’ kinda dish. Good one to have just before you go away for the holidays.

I made a vegetarian frittata for a light dinner recently, using red peppers, banana shallots, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and a sprinking of grated parmesan. The cheeses melted beautifully under the grill with the parmesan completing the dish with its stronger flavour and the gooey, stretchy mozzarella giving the frittata a good, chewy texture. Another easy dish. Love it!

Loving the cheese!


Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. What’s a quiche?…ha ha ha!!! :D

  2. Looks great!! I once tried a frittata recipe with spaghetti but that didn’t turn out so well, it was a bit like eating raw pasta :D yours looks delicious though!!

  3. OH IS THAT WHY! Just kidding, I did cook the pasta of course, but you had to fry it like an omelette and the pasta became a bit too crunchy for my liking ;)


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