April 7, 2010


La dolce vita – “the sweet life”

Italian food is probably top on my favourite food list. I’m a more savoury person, so I’m a natural fan of all the ragu, pasta, steaks, fish dishes. However, this amaretti cookie has won me over BIG time. One of my besties back in Australia is currently on a major baking crusade. She’s pretty into it, trying out different recipes and I’m sure her hubby’s appreciating every single slice of her efforts. Lucky, lucky dude.

C shared this very simple recipe for Amaretti with me a few months back. I decided to give it a shot as it’s ultra easy and requires very few ingredients. The recipe called for vanilla essence and whole blanched almonds which I didn’t have in my pantry! (Tsk tsk) So I subbed them for a vanilla pod (even better right?) and almond flakes. I’m pleased to say both substitutes worked out really, really well.

I can’t believe how such a simple recipe can yield such amazing cookies. Four key ingredients – almond meal, egg whites, caster sugar and vanilla. Mix them all together, ball them up, top with almonds and bake for 15 -18 minutes in a moderate oven. The original recipe makes 70 cookies but I cut it down using 300g almond meal, 230g caster sugar and 3 egg whites (medium sized eggs).

Mixing in the ingredients

Ready to go in the oven

Cooling after baking...waiting to be EATEN!

The cookies were slightly crisp on the outside and chewily moist on the inside. I love, love, love chewy cookies. I loved how it’s not sickeningly sweet as a lot of soft cookies tend to be. They were light enough that one could inhale several cookies in one go…accompanied with a nice, aromatic cup of espresso. Perfect start for an indulgent Easter weekend. Ahh…la dolce vita indeed.



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  1. Wow!! Pretty pictures!!! So THAT’s how their done!!…Looks so good….I did have a ‘lick’ of Andy’s cookie…..Oooo that doesn’t sound right! LOL!!!

  2. […] amaretti cookies. What is it about me and italian food?? I’ve raved about these before in a previous post and I’m still loving them. I made this batch specially for my colleague who *gasp* happens to […]

  3. Hi,
    I just found your blog and totally besotted with it. I simply can’t wait to read all your posts.
    I noted that you have a friend in Australia, so I became excited as i am from Australia.
    Could you please share the recipe for these as they sound wonderful.
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Angela! Thanks for stopping by at droolfactor. I was in the UK when I started this blog, but have just recently moved home to Australia! You can find the recipe through a link and some step by step photos from my previous blog here. Hope you enjoy these!

  4. Thanks so much. Your blog is amazing, and I am pleased you are back in Australia. I am really looking forward to receiving updates by email.


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