May 11, 2010

Wholesome switch

Is there truly a benefit of switching to whole wheat? I’m talking about one of my favourite ‘food groups’ – pasta. We all know that choosing wholemeal/wheat bread is by far the better choice. The same applies to pasta. White pasta apparently has more calories per serve compared to whole wheat. There’s also the fibre factor in whole wheat, as well as added doses of protein and minerals such as riboflavin, niacin and folic acid. (Not that I know anything about what these minerals do). It also digests slower than white pasta, so it keeps you full for longer.

I grew up eating soft, fluffy white bread, and the switch to wholemeal bread was no song and dance. I actually really love whole grain bread, despite the tendency of having little seeds stuck in my teeth. So it was rather surprising that I took this long to make the switch to whole wheat pasta.

Whole wheat pasta can be readily found in stores now. Made from whole durum wheat or whole semolina, the uncooked pasta doesn’t look like much – in fact, some of them look like strips of dried out cardboard which didn’t help in my quest for change.

So, what’s the verdict? I’m not hating it. I have now tried different pastas, different brands, cooked differently each time. I have a feeling the switch will be the same page torn out of my white-to-whole bread history. Okay, you’ll notice the slight difference in the taste – it has a more grainy, woody flavour but it does not bother me, nor my fussier other half. Texture-wise, the change was barely discernible.

The switch is promisingly permanent methinks. Now, brown rice vs. white?…That is a different story. I haven’t quite won that battle just yet.


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  1. Yeah, whole wheat pasta is not all that different, just takes a longer time to cook, I’ve found.
    With brown rice, I’ve found that you need to add a lot more water for it to achieve the fluffy texture that we’re used to with white rice. You’ll still get the crunchy bits, but at least it’s more palatable. ;P
    For a healthier white rice alternative, maybe try basmati rice? It’s got a lower glycemic index than white rice, so it’s better for those of us who can’t give up eating white rice, hehe.

    • Somehow when cooking brown rice (agree on adding more water) it spits alot in my cooker. Makes quite a mess. Don’t like! Plus those crunchy bits put me off. Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to it. I’ll try basmati next time. I like basmati actually with it’s ‘kiu kiu’ texture :)


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