May 21, 2010


Loved this chocolate cupcake. There was almost as much cocoa powder as there was to self-raising flour (which freaked me a little) but it turned out really well. The cake was very light and fluffy and super chocolatey. It was easy to make and even though I have an electric hand beater, I opted for the mix-it-by-hand-till-the-arms-hurt method. Needed to work up a sweat before I stuffed my face with cupcakes!

Now…the frosting. FAIL! I was planning for a nice, creamy buttercream frosting. I ended up with a Simpson’s pink donut icing instead! I got the ingredient portions all wrong – tsk, but at least now I know how to make donut icing.

At the end of it, the cake was superb, the icing was still yum which made me v happy. Moral of the story – if your buttercream frosting turns out as sugar icing, make it pink and pretty…and all will be fine and dandy.


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  1. How do you make it pink? With colouring? Is buttercream icing different to sugar icing? Totally clueless on icing…I have tried to make icing before and mine always FAIL!…:)

  2. Loved how you used the colour pencils in the shot.
    Which recipe for buttercream icing did you use? I’ve recently learnt that with buttercream icing you really have to use the mix-it-by-hand-till-the-arms-hurt method or, as I call it, pummel-the-butter-into-submission method. The aim is to cream the butter till it’s light and fluffy, and that takes a while if you’re using a hand mixer.
    But persevere and by magic the butter will become light and fluffy. I made a delicious lime buttercream frosting that way. Tangy and yummy; think you would have liked it. ;)

    • Mmm lime frosting!!!! truth is I like to look at frosting but usually find it too sweet. Okay i will try the hand mixing method next time. Saves me washing my beater – bonus!! I used a recipe from but adjusted the quantity (which I obviously got wrong) I didn’t want to make so much. You have a good recipe I can use?

  3. Ooooh…must try!


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