Apologies for the hiatus in my blog posts. It’s either I’ve been too uninspired to cook, or I’ve just been repeating recipes that I’ve already written about. Rest assured, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve and I’ll post something food-related soon. However, in my non-cooking mode, I’ve come up with a list of gadgets that are either super ridiculous or downright cute…but are all totally pointless – yet a little part of me wants to have them, just so I can play with them, giggle and then feel really silly after.

Baby pink onion goggles! - hahahahaha

Pasta Measuring Tool - seriously???

Darth Vader toaster - just like the hello kitty version - but BAD ASS!

Automatic Sauce Stirrer - does it break up lumps too??

Egg separator - hahaha...gag...gross...haha...puke...

Calf & half creamer jug - so you won't forget where milk comes from! Udderly Cute!

Egg cuber - no more fighting over who gets the one with the egg shape!

Personalised steak branding iron - don't touch that steak, it's got my name on it!!!

That last one was for my hubby.

What’s life without a few giggles and some outrageous gadgets eh?


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  1. Can we please order ONE Baby pink onion goggles (for hubby) and ONE toaster but can we have the Battlestar Gallactica version please – like in Big Bang Theory!? HA HA HA!!! LOVE IT!!!! We had a good giggle!!! Some of them were pretty clever….he he he…..


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