I ate way too much while in Greece. Too. Much.

Okay, so it’s no big surprise. However, sorting out what I really wanted to blog about was a problem. Which meals do I give more cyber time to? Which ones to discard? In order not to bore you (or myself) with ramblings of every single meal plus some just do not warrant a post on it’s own , I picked out some highlights. Be prepared – there are some particularly horrendous photos (sorry! I blame it on being hungry, unprepared and the bad lighting).

So, sit back and see how much of a glut I was last week…

Starters: We went through quite a number of them. Often times, they were the star of the meal.

One of the best discoveries and a favourite of the hubby – fried zucchini balls. Julienned strips of zucchini mixed with a creamy cheese base, breaded and deep fried. Crunchy and yummy.

And how can we not have saganaki when in Greece eh? I remember many years ago, I thought saganaki was a Japanese dish. Heh. Saganaki literally means little frying pan in Greek, but it’s now more commonly referring to the pan-fried cheese that was originally cooked in the little pan. Biting through the slightly crisp edges, you’ll find a delightfully salty and springy cheese.

And the ever garlicky and creamy tzatziki – my favourite. This was the reason I over-carbed this trip. I couldn’t resist finishing off the bread because there’s still some dip left. Very bad, but very good.

Another must-have – dolmades. Cooked long grain rice, herbs and pine nuts wrapped in vine leaves.

This one’s a surprise find. We were told of their famous Naxian Graviera (Gruyere cheese only made and found in Naxos) and so when we saw this Roasted Vegetable Tart with Naxian Cheese, we jumped on it. Leaped, in fact. And boy it’s good.. Layers of puff pastry, cheese and roasted aubergine, peppers and tomatoes. I fell in love with the Naxian Graviera. It’s like a milder version of parmesan – very flavourful but not overpoweringly cheesy. No prizes for guessing who brought two large wedges home.

Now these two were the biggest stars of the starters. Black-eyed beans cooked with onions, tossed with olive oil and herbs. Fresh and absolutely delicious. The other is made of mixed peppers and onions, cooked with spices and I don’t know what else but it was so tasty and one of the best pepper dishes I’ve ever had. That sauce…oh my goodness…with fresh made bread – divine! And these two were not from any fancy restaurants, but a little taverna on a small deserted island that our skipper from our sailing trip took us to. It’s great when you know someone who knows someone…who owns this.

Yup – that’s the little taverna…and this is the man who made us one of the best meals in Greece.

Mains: Aside from endless orders of souvlaki, we also tasted some wonderful main dishes.

Absolutely delicious! This octopus stew brought back very fond memories of the octopus rice dishes we had in Portugal. Tender cooked octopus in a slightly piquant tomato sauce. Drool!

I think this dish is called Grandma’s Tiguana. It’s a spicy-ish stew of melt-in-the-mouth pork, potatoes, peppers and feta cheese. The waiter asked if we wanted our grandma to be ‘sexy’ …in other words, if we wanted the dish spicy. Joker. We loved sexy grandma’s stew though.

Supposedly a fisherman’s risotto. Not quite the usual seafood risotto we’re used to, but it was super tasty with loads of fresh prawns, octopus, mussels and peppers. Mmmm…

One of the best things about dining on an island…you get the freshest seafood. Caught on the day, cooked to perfection. Fresh squid and fish, simply grilled on coals and lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice.

There were also famous greek faves like moussaka and feta in the oven, and more amazing tomato salads, wines and beers. However, this little shot below deserves a mention. It’s a version of citron (pronounced ‘kitron’) their locally made alcohol digestive made with cinnamon, clove and honey. Served warm. It’s sooooo good, I bought a few bottles of citron home in an attempt to reproduce this heavenly nectar! Stay tuned for that…it may well work, or it may just ruin a perfectly good bottle of citron. Who knows?

Oh, one more thing. If you do not like this cute little fluff ball here…

Best to reconsider your island hopping plans to Greece. Cats are EVERYWHERE!!! I like them though. And this particular ginger fella got to eat quite a bit of my chicken dinner that night. Purrrrrrr….


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