October 21, 2010

Photoblog: L’Absinthe

Autumn seems to be on a hiatus here in London. It seems we’ve gone head first into winter! Thankfully, we managed to get our butts off the couch two weekends ago while the sun was shining and took a nice long walk along the canals. We headed to Primrose Hill, just north of Regent’s Park where poshy Londoners were soaking up the sun. It was just beautiful. The park that is…poshy Londoners…well they were alright.

Primrose Hill is nestled between Regent’s Park and Camden Town, and it has that quirky, artsy feel about it, similar to Camden but way more upmarket.

We didn’t just go for a long walk and not reward ourselves! Gotta be kidding right? We walked…to lunch…at this wee little French bistro in Primrose Hill.

L’Absinthe is a comfortable little bistro with a neighbourhoody feel. The owner is a tall, charismatic French man who does all the front of house meeting and greeting…yes, in French.

The menu changes regularly with several traditional regulars like leek vinaigrette, steak frites and creme brulee. Unfortunately, the leeks were out and we both weren’t in the mood for steak. So we went ahead and ordered the non-regulars.

Ham hock terrine and goat’s cheese salad for starters. Duck confit with braised red cabbage and fillet of cod with ratatouille for mains. All delicious, fresh and very Frenchy. Oooh lala!

To top all that off, there was the L’Absinthe creme brulee. And yes, there was absinthe in that thing! I liked it…there was just a little zing from the alcohol and it brought the creme to a more adult level. Mmm….hubby wasn’t a fan…but then again, he’s not into alcohol and he’s definitely not into modifications of any kind to his favourite desserts. We cleaned out the dish though. It was yum.

Now, fingers crossed there more sunny weekends coming our way so we can have more walks and more lunches…not that cold and grey is going to stop us from lunchin’….pffft.

40 Chalcot Road


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