If you’re heading off to a holiday, I’m sure you’ll try your best to clear out or finish up any fresh food sitting in your fridge. Or sometimes you’re like me, having to throw out much wasted food. This time, I’m heading off to beautiful San Francisco (my first time, yay!) and I had a peek in my vegetable crisper to see what I had to deal with. Apparently, not much. In fact, it was a very sad sight to behold.


A bag of mushy thyme, half a wilted head of chinese cabbage, two wrinkled lemons and the only thing that resembled freshness was the lone tomato.

tomatopasta1So what could I possibly whip up with one tomato? I thought I could maybe have a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, but that would mean having to buy cheese and bread. The thought of cutting it up and adding to my instant ramen crossed my mind, but at this point, I’m a little over instant ramen. Then I decided to put in a little effort since I wasn’t rushing anywhere and had the whole weekend to myself.

Now there’s no actual recipe here to follow. It’s just me, the tomato and whatever I could find in my pantry.

I had a few episodes of The Blacklist to catch up on (love, love, love the show, and James Spader is awesome in it!!) so I thought I’d slow roast the tomato while I morph with the couch and watched TV. I chopped it up, tossed them in olive oil, sprinkled with salt, pepper, dried chilli flakes, sliced garlic and dried basil.

tomatopasta2I placed the tomato in a 170C oven and watched two episodes of the blacklist (about 1.5 hours). I found some instant spaghetti in the pantry and this.


My trusty jar of anchovies in olive oil. It’s not the prettiest thing ever but this jar has saved many of my meals, so don’t diss the little fish!

With a drizzle of olive oil in a pan, I then placed three of the anchovies and left it to sizzle and melt down in the hot oil. I then added more sliced garlic and when fragrant, added the hot pasta (cooked al dente and drained) and roasted tomatoes. The tomatoes were shrivelled and had very little juice left in them but I squished them with my tongs and broke them up as much as I could.

This was the result.


A very tasty roasted tomato, anchovy and garlic pasta topped with a little grated parmesan. The roasted tomato is amazing. The flavour is unbelievably intense! If I had just cooked the fresh tomato with the pasta, I would have been totally disappointed. A little effort definitely goes a long way.


Hopefully this inspires you when you next find a lone tomato in your fridge and you’re wondering what to do with it! Now, half a head of of wilted cabbage and wrinkly lemons? I think I’d have to say ‘adios’ to them!

It’s time to get cracking on packing for San Fran. Wheee!!!


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