I’ve had a major distraction in my life recently. This fella. He’s the cutest bundle of joy and I’m totally in love. But it also means that cooking and blogging has taken a major back seat. But I’m baaaccck!! For those wishing to try a new recipe, this one’s an easy one – steamed chinese […]

I built a house with my bare hands! Haha…okay, that was a tad dramatic. The truth is that I had an opportunity to join my hubby’s work foundation group in Siem Reap, Cambodia two weeks ago as a volunteer in a house building project. I’ve never been to Cambodia and aside from what I’ve heard of the […]

Aussie breakfasts are one of the many things I truly missed while living in London. Here in Melbourne, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the continuously growing cafe culture. I’m sure every Melburnian will have their own favourite breakfast hangouts. Many people go mainly for coffees and food is somewhat secondary. People rave about the […]

This post was written two days ago while I was on the plane. *** I’m 9753 metres up in the air, on the way to Miami for the weekend. Just had a beef straganoff with melt in the mouth broccolli and baby carrots (yeurgh!!). Not the most appetising of meals I must say, but still…thank […]