My last installment for the 365 Challenge. This time, it’s Stephane Reynauld’s recipe for Mozzarella Tart. This is a very easy recipe to follow – and it is similar to many tomato and mozzarella tarts. However Reynauld’s recipe called for rosemary and tarragon, which is unique as many other recipes use basil. I guess this […]

The team at Murdoch Books came up with this excellent idea to cook the entire list of recipes in ‘Stephane Reynaud’s 365 Good Reasons to Sit Down to Eat’. I found out about this challenge in April when I packed up the last of my kitchen appliances into the multitude of boxes which were destined for […]

La Potee Auvergnate is a rustic and hearty traditional French soup. Mostly cooked with ham hock, sausages and vegetables, it seems more like a stew than a soup really. When it’s cold and blue outdoors, it’s great to be warming up with a bowl of this stuff. This recipe is heavily (really heavily) adapted from […]

Autumn seems to be on a hiatus here in London. It seems we’ve gone head first into winter! Thankfully, we managed to get our butts off the couch two weekends ago while the sun was shining and took a nice long walk along the canals. We headed to Primrose Hill, just north of Regent’s Park […]

I’ve been crazy busy since I’ve been back from Paris so I haven’t had the chance to blog much. Just to keep the drooling going, I thought I’d just quickly pop these in. Two meals that I had in my last Paris trip. The first was our late night dinner on arrival to the St. […]