Autumn has set in well and good here in the southern hemisphere…and winter will soon be saying hello. I’m actually looking forward to it (crazy, i know!). Winters to me means warm cuddles, snowboarding, hot chocolates and warm comforting stews. This recipe from Jamie Oliver is one of those cuddly, oozy and comfy meals that […]

Wowzers, for those in the southern hemisphere, can you believe that summer is OVER??! Well, I did miss a chunk of it when I did this in Japan. Yes, there’s a lump of snow on my helmet. No idea how it got there but it was a great trip…over-dozing a little on sake and grilled […]

Another super easy recipe. This time it’s for a savoury scone that is too easy to bake and even easier to pop in your mouth! Om nom nom. Don’t blame me if you get addicted to these. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, the key to getting a light crumbly scone is not to over-work the […]

Every baker will have at least one muffin recipe up their sleeves for when there’s an emergency for a quick sweet fix or a last-minute craving for a breakfast muffin. Or if you’re like me, the baking itch surfaces but all you want is a minimal-fuss bake that satisfies the bake itch but fulfills the […]

Today is a blazing 40 degrees celcius day (104 F) and strangely enough my brain is burning…not with images of ice cold beers or creamy gelatos, but *wait for it*…PRAWNS (or shrimp to my US readers). I don’t know what it is but to me, Australian summer means prawns. Usually on its own with melted […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Bye bye 2015, we’ve had some fun together but 2016 is going to be amazing! I can smell it in the air…or maybe that’s the Chicken Paprikash. Since I’m playing catch-up with my posts, this dish was actually made last year but I thought after all the festivities and indulgence of […]

We’re such creatures of habit aren’t we? Well, at least I am. There are certain types of food that I only reserve for lunches and some I will only have for dinner. For example, a sandwich is a lunch-time only meal, but not a burger. Salads are usually reserved for lunch only as well. Steaks […]