Wowzers, for those in the southern hemisphere, can you believe that summer is OVER??! Well, I did miss a chunk of it when I did this in Japan. Yes, there’s a lump of snow on my helmet. No idea how it got there but it was a great trip…over-dozing a little on sake and grilled […]

Every baker will have at least one muffin recipe up their sleeves for when there’s an emergency for a quick sweet fix or a last-minute craving for a breakfast muffin. Or if you’re like me, the baking itch surfaces but all you want is a minimal-fuss bake that satisfies the bake itch but fulfills the […]

Spring promises sunshine, flowers, longer days and strolls by the beach. It means I can leave the office at the end of the day and still enjoy a couple hours of daylight. It means I have more opportunities to make dinner and take decent photos so I can get back to blogging more regularly. This […]

I’m not bragging. Really. I first came across this cake on a Huffington Post FB update. When you see something being claimed as ‘World’s Best’ (especially in the social media world) it’s either really really awesome or total rubbish. Good thing is, this one’s a cracking winner. This cake hails from Norway and was awarded […]

  First we were told that butter is bad for us so everyone switched to margarine. Then further studies showed that olive oil can harmful because when heated it may oxidise and form harmful free radicals. So butter is back in fashion. What now? All I know is that life is short and we should eat […]

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, also known as World Pancake Day. For a long time I thought it was just another made up “food day” and wondered ‘why pancakes?’ why not world fish and chips day or world baked potato day? Who made the decision on pancakes? Then my dear friend Wiki told me the origins […]

I’ve just returned from a wonderful whirlwind trip to the US and I have so much I want to share with you. If only I didn’t have thousands of photos to sort through and edit first! So to make up for being such a slacker on the blogging front, I’m sharing a recipe for this […]